Release Note: V1.2.0

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October 19, 2020

New features

Bug fixes

  • User.GetPINHash does not work.
  • Event.EnableMonitoring could take a long time when the device has lots of log records.
  • In rare cases, the device gateway might hang when the incoming packets are overlapped.
  • The missing subCode is added to ImageLog, TNALog, and JobCodeLog.
  • The eventID in Event.SubscribeRealtimeLogRequest and the mainEventCode in Event.ImageFilter are changed to the eventCode as in Event.EventLog.
  • The meanings of cardSupported, fingerSupported, and faceSupported of Device.CapabilityInfo are changed. Until V1.1, the value is true if the device can support slave devices with the respective credential. However, since V1.2, the value just indicates whether the device itself supports the credential. For example, fingerSupported is true only if the device has the fingerprint sensor.